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This is the gallery of items from the various events hosted by Dropped Pencil. Stop by periodically and see what's up.
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Piano Paces Photos!

David, Chris, and Jill perform the three kings in front of a green screen for the Fred and Susie 2010 Christmas Song, Christmas in the Desert is Sandy!
All of the puppets for the Christmas 2010 song are costumed and sitting on the studio piano, waiting their turns to be in front of the camera.
David, Chris, and Jill, clowning around as usual. Can you tell we have a lot of fun making Fred and Susie shows?
Some puppet work requires a second person to work the right hand. Here David operates the right hand to assist Chris with the "Pete" character dressed as Santa.
It took all three of us to make the Map sequence work.
"Electric" Fred waits for his que to run on to the set.
To shoot the scenes where the puppets "walk", we need to do everything over our heads, and that includes the camera as well.
Jill shot all of the Christmas song from a step ladder, so Fred and the various other characters where at the correct height for filming the sequence.
Jill with hat and sunglasses - which proved useful under the bright lights. The green background will have the desert set "dropped in" later, when the film is edited.
In November, David and Jill appeared at the Kids Blitz event in Brookfield, Wis.
Here's Jill with our Fred and Susie booth. We gave away coloring pages, stickers, and a few DVDs!
Show three will include a cooking segment. We used the Dropped Pencil kitchen as a stand in for Susie's kitchen, so we didn't have to build a set.
We typically shoot the photos for the craft project PDFs while we film the sequence. We almost forgot this time! Here's David taking photos of Susie's finished banana bread. Yum yum!
It was a tight fit shooting in the kitchen with all the lights, camera, monitors, and such. But, we had fun, and Jill's banana bread was wonderful!
Here's a recording studio session for one of the songs for the new show.
Jill and Chris are working on a song as "Susie and Fred." David is clowning around with the "Bunny Buddy" to see if he can get them to mess up the words while they're singing - director's privilege!
Jill on the set for filming a few Advice from a Friend video blogs.
Production coordinator Ingrid has just finished giving Susie's face some powder so it doesn't appear shiny to the camera.
Jill filming another Advice blog. Can you tell it was hot the day we shot this? Note the lack of shoes!
Behind the scenes with Fred and Susie!