Piano Studio Apprentice Program
The apprentice program of Ingrid's piano studio allows my piano students who are considering music as a career choice the opportunity of gaining "hands-on" experience while earning rewards.  The program has these aims: 
  • To create an environment in which students can learn what working as an independent instructor/performer is really like  
  • To give students practical training at an early stage in their development
  • To provide me some tangible assistance in basic duties

Junior Apprentice
A student entering the program who is at least 13 years old, has demonstrated responsibility in his/her piano studies and has expressed an interest in exploring the music field as a career.

Senior Apprentice
A student who has served with me as a Junior Apprentice for at least 9 months, has demonstrated responsible behavior in that role (completing requested tasks in a timely and thorough manner) OR is at least 16 years old and has interest in exploring music instruction and/or performance.

A student who has served with me as a Senior Apprentice for at least 1 year, has continued to demonstrate responsible behavior in that role, has been disciplined in his/her piano studies, who is willing to commit additional hours to the program and seeks greater responsibility under my supervision in the areas of instruction and/or performance opportunities.         
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