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We are a creative media company, specializing in making music and the arts a personal experience. Some of our specialties include The Piano Studio, featuring classically trained pianist Ingrid Hanson-Popp, and offering music for weddings, parties, and concert events, as well as providing individually stylized student lessons. Check out some of Ingrid's CDs and her aids for students and teachers on Dropped Pencil's products page. 

Ingrid has also written a book, "Cellophane Farm." The book chronicles her mother Marianne's story and the many lasting friendships she made just by living a simple, ordinary life. You'll find ordering information on the products page as well.

Dropped Pencil also is the home of PoppArt Studios, producers of The Fred and Susie Show, a children's television and DVD series featuring music, bible stories, craft projects, games and more. 

Needless to say, you'll always find a lot going on at Dropped Pencil!

A STEP UP is a seating and posture solution for young artists and their ever-changing sizes. 
Purchase "A Step Up - Mark II" -or- learn more about this item by clicking the links below!
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Cellophane Farm
Everyone's life tells a story. Ingrid Hanson-Popp shares the tale of her mother Marianne's simple life of resilience, love, and tenacious faith that touched everyone around her. Purchase "Cellophane Farm" -or- learn more about the book by clicking the links below! 

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